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International Duke of Edinburgh Award

Nineteen of our year 12 students have successfully completed the Final Expedition component of their International Duke of Edinburgh Award Bronze Level.
The very tough, but highly successful two day hiking expedition started yesterday when the students set off from ISS, having set themselves the challenge to hike to Le Niol to then complete the Dans Gallas Trail then return to camp in Bel Ombre. It took the students between 6 and 9 hours to complete this arduous journey and thankful the weather had been kind.
At the campsite the students then set up their tents, some prepared a fire and cooked a wonderful meals before heading to their tents; exhausted. An early start for the students in order to pack away their camp and prepare for the next leg of their journey; a 5 hour hike which included Bel Ombre and parts of Mare aux Cochons before finishing in Victoria.
The students have proved their determination and ability to work together and motivate one another over the course of the award. Each student must be proud of their achievements as the award must certainly be ‘earned’ and they all deserve the success.
A huge congratulation to everyone who took part in the expedition and a big thank you to all staff that have supported them along the way.

Mr M Cosh
D of E Coordinator