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International Hat Parade

Early Childhood section celebrated our school’s diversity in style on Thursday 30th March. All classes chose a country of the world to represent in dance and song and the result was spectacular. Year 2L performed the Seychelles sega and kontradans while 2S danced the Gay Gordons and sang about Scotland. In Year One Ms. Mary’s class were very adept at line dancing from America and Ms. Louise taught the Year 1 children how to do some Irish jigs. This colourful show was interspersed with a number of hat songs, mother’s day songs and even Easter egg songs. Foundation stage children were enthusiastic in their dancing too. R1J chose Vietnam to represent and R1V wowed the audience with some amazing moves from Botswana. In Reception Two Mr. Scott’s class dressed up as Vikings vigorously rowing their boat and Ms. Sherryl’s class as Native American Indians danced a pow wow. The teachers and children had worked hard to put on this amazing show and parents and friends were impressed with the incredible dancing and beautiful costumes.

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