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It was once again another educating and entertaining explosion of melodic voices, African beats and classical Anthems as ISS hosted a spectacular and successful third Inter-Organizations/schools Choir Festival on the 9th March at ICCS. The festival was the school’s third initiative which aims at bringing all the Seychelles’ communities musicians of all ages together to promote choral and music education in the country.
Speaking during the opening of the show was the Hon. Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Jeanne Simon, who was accompanied by several heads of schools including Mr. Marc Arissol, Head of Mont Fleuri Secondary School, and Bernadette Maria of Perseverance Primary School. Also present were Laura Valabhji, Chairperson of the ISS Board of Governors, along with Mr. John Prince, Principal, Terrence Francois, Vice Principal, Madeline Woolfenden, Head of Secondary, and Susan Houghton, Head of Primary.
The Honorable Minister highlighted the importance of music in our lives and reminded the audience about its therapeutic benefit and how it can improve our general wellbeing, physical and mental as well as help lower stress levels. She then thanked all choirs and their leaders before inviting everyone to enjoy the show.
This year’s theme “We are the World” was a chosen as a hope-giving theme which seeks to remind everyone that if we all work together as one, we can rise above all challenges, and help give children a better future.
On the same evening, ISS donated musical instruments to Perseverance Primary School music department. Mrs. Valabhji further informed the audience that this gesture of giving is one that keeps the culture of music going, adding that it is a pleasure for ISS to be able to share the joy of music with other schools.
Mr. John Chitambo (Head of Music Department) founder and organizer of the event, added that ISS Music Department is trying to promote music education in every public school and that with this Choir Festival, we hope to bring all children from different schools together. The donation is just the beginning of the Music Department’s ultimate vision for Seychelles’ youths.
The festival which was covered by the SBC national television and the Nation newspaper, was made possible by the participation of a number of choirs including Perseverance Primary School, Anse Etoile Primary School, Mont Fleuri Secondary School, Independent School, National Choir of Seychelles and our guest choir, The Mahe Chamber Choir. Not forgetting our guest Master of Ceremony Mr. Phil Brown who did an outstanding job to ensure the program went on smoothly.
Mr. Chitambo would like to thank all choirs, schools, Ministry of Education, SBC, Nation newspaper, children and their parents for making this event a success.
Looking forward to the 2020 episode and hoping to see even more choirs joining in.



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