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Junior Wildlife Club learn about the endangered Seychelles Sheath Tailed Bat

Junior wildlife club enjoyed learning about the Seychelles Sheath-tailed Bat.  Gen Berry from ICS came to talk to us about Sousouri Bannann and how it is so endangered there are less than 100 left in the world, all in Seychelles.  The children were horrified to hear this and wanted to know how they could help.  Gen explained how the bats feed, roost and fly, where they live and how they use echolocation to “see” and find food in the dark. The children understood how special bats are, and what a great service they provide by eating lots of insects like mosquitoes, sandflies, beetles and moths.  Everyone enjoyed dancing to the echolocation song, and making their own finger puppet bats to take home.

Click on the arrows below to find out what you can do to help

What YOU can do to help
The bats are very sensitive to disturbance, so we must not go near them, but here are six things we can all do to help:

• Take care of your environment – always put your rubbish in the bin, keep waterways clean and free of pollution like detergents, oil, scraps and rubbish

• Plant native plants to attract insects that the bats like to eat
• Don’t use chemicals or pesticides that could poison the bats or their insect food – especially near the bats’ roosts and foraging grounds.
• Talk to your family and friends about the Seychelles Sheath-tailed Bat and how special it is
• Become a Sheath-tailed Bat Detective – ask your parents and grandparents what they know about Sousouri Bannann, investigate further and report back to Island Conservation Society Seychelles with your findings – we’ll send you a prize in return as a thank you.
• If you have seen a Sheath-tailed bat or think you know of a Sheath-tailed bat roost – or simply would like to know more about these amazing Seychelles bats please contact: Gen Berry at Island Conservation Society on 4375354 or science@ics.sc or EDGE SEYCHELLES Project Officer Rachel Bristol on 2560841 or rachelbristol@seychelles.net