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Mangrove Boardwalk project at ISS

Mangrove Boardwalk project at ISS

In seeing the degenerative state of the wetland, ISS decided that they would assist the wetland ecosystem by undertaking a Mangrove Regeneration project. Earlier this year, the International School (ISS) decided to build a mangrove boardwalk thanks to funding from ISPC. The mangrove platform is located at the back of the school facing the Bois de Rose lane.  The boardwalk gives the school great access to the wetlands and makes it a perfect outdoor classroom for ISS students.

The project was able to materialise thanks to ISS Environmental Leader Ms Susan Ansell applying for a Blue Economy grant through SeyCat and the proposal being accepted. Mr Terence Vel, from the University of Seychelles, was a great help in assisting with the procurement of manglier plants and sharing his knowledge for the planting.

The planting work took place at low tide and ISS students began helping the mangrove regeneration project by collecting seedlings, plants, safeguarding and watering the young trees, and keeping the wetland free of rubbish.

On Tuesday 23rd November 2021, ISS organised an opening ceremony to open the boardwalk, attended by Mr Terence Vel and ISS students, in line with current health protocols.

Mr Terence Vel was a great help for the fruition of the wetland project. The Constance Ephelia resort was also of great assistance as their team of employees had done some mangrove planting on the opposite bank last year – their seedlings are all doing well.

In addition, ISS students are now working on a wetland mural to help with the identification of the wildlife found in the Mangrove Wetland. They are planting endemic trees along the coastline as per the suggestion from the Ministry of Environment. The students are enjoying their work in the mud; on Monday 8th November 2021, the Eco Club planted about 50 young Manglier Rouz in this area.

ISS have future plans for local and community participation in the wetland projects. Some local schools have already expressed the desire to come along to help ISS once the Covid-19 restrictions are over.

Mr Terence Vel officially opening the Mangrove Boardwalk

ISS Principal Mrs Elodie Vallantine, Mr Terence Vel and ISS students exploring the boardwalk and mangrove.

Rays enjoying the habitat – Mangrove wetland