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Moyenne island – Yo Ho Ho!

Year 2 students sailed off to Pirate Island on April 1st ready for adventure. Colourful costumes, hats, kerchiefs, swords, eyepatches and cutlasses adorned the young pirate adventurers. The Anahita Catamaran provided by Masons Travel took the 52 pirates to one of the inner islands which was previously owned by a friend of the school Mr Brendon Grimshaw. He and his companions had replanted endemic trees on the small island for visiting tourists and young pirates to enjoy.
Our intrepid explorers landed on the island and met Yellow the friendly island dog who accompanied us on the island tour. On the way we had a brief stop at the look- out point to see if there was danger approaching! Further north on the tour the students looked for signs of treasure and found the tombs of unknown pirates “Unhappily unknown”! On the circular route the students were able to spot many endemic trees and bamboo plants and on arriving back where most of the giant tortoises hang out Ella discovered the treasure chest and shared the bounty with her friends! Everyone enjoyed games and frolics on the beach after a tasty picnic. Many thanks to Mason’s travel for providing the sailing boat and to parent helpers who supervised the children on the trip.



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