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National TSL Debate 2021 – Results

Students from ISS were commended for their performances in the National TSL debates. The judges named Betty Namukose as the Best Presenter in Primary and mentioned that she showed the qualities of an efficient researcher and presenter. Betty was also named in the individual commendations as a student with good understanding of the theme.
Secondary student Vanshika Parikh was commended for the creativity she showed in presentation and solutions. She was our main debater in the team Pro 1 and this team won the Best overall group. She was supported by observers and debaters Janani Jagannathan, Srimugan Sankar and Yan Luc Morel whose presentations were all well structured and based on the theme. Each of the students was commended for defending their own unique perspectives and for their well reasoned argument with persuasive speeches in question time.
Well done to all the other Primary debaters who took part in the event. Darnell Vincent, Ema Jesic, Estelle Brown and Axel Albert.

Congratulations to all the participants