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Outer Islands Public Presentation Competition

 On Thursday 21st April two teams from the ISS Seychelles school went to the Mont Fleuri Secondary School to give presentations about the marine environment around the Outer Islands of the Seychelles.  They had to discuss the threats to marine species and how these can be tackled.  Both teams spoke very clearly and were praised by the judges for the research they had conducted.  Richard Laljee and Thyron Dingwall both spoke about the effects on tuna, turtles, dolphins and sharks.  The girls team, Alyssa Testa, Hansi and Dewmi Jaytilake, discussed the impact on different tuna species, dugongs, humphead wrasse and different types of turtles.
They were specifically praised for their answers to questions at the end on ways to repopulate wrasse.
Well done to both teams on thier efforts!Pic2