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Seven go Nuts on Praslin!

Four Year 7 and three Year 9 students who won first prize in the Seychelles Island Foundation’s Environment Quiz earlier this year set sail for Praslin on Friday. Mirror flat sea promised a smooth voyage on Cat Coco and excitement built as the winning team anticipated their prize of a guided tour of the Vallee de Mai, the unique World Heritage site.

Maria Brioche greeted our group and experienced guides led us through the forest explaining in much detail the secrets of the Coco-de-Mer, other endemics and wildlife native to the area.The tour concluded with a complimentary snack lunch at the Centre’s café.

Then it was onwards to Cote Dór to relax on its super-fine white sand before finally enjoying a dip in the island’s National Pool to cool off before the return to Mahe.

Many thanks to Maria and Erica for organising the day for us all.