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SeyCCats Blue Grant fund for ISS Mangrove Regeneration Boardwalk Project

SeyCCats Blue Grant fund for ISS Mangrove Regeneration Boardwalk Project

Susan Ansell ISS Environment leader has had her small grant application approved by the SeyCCat Blue Grant Committee. This is a project for regenerating the mangrove area by planting and growing mangroves with the help of the students. The project had already started 2 years ago thanks to ISPC who granted initial funding for our Mangrove platform. The new boardwalk will lead from the platform along the school boundary and edge of the wetland and will enable the school with the help of other partners to regenerate the mangrove which was badly degraded over the last few years. The school is already growing mangroves and with the help of Terence Vel Wildlife club leader at the University of Seychelles and Markus from Constance Ephelia Hotels and we have had good advice and a lot of success already. The new walkway will enable students to have better access to study the mangrove habitat and to plant the mangrove seedlings.

One of SeyCCats objectives is to provide the rehabilitation of marine and coastal ecosystems that have been degraded by local and global impacts and to ensure that the Blue Economy is driven and owned by the people themselves to take action to secure their sustainable future.

ISS Wildlife and Eco clubs are already taking action and together with our co-partners in the project Hilton Labriz, Constance Ephelia and Wildlife clubs Seychelles we hope to involve local schools as well as local organisations like the Rising Lions club who are hoping also to help us create a new mangrove forest.