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Sweaty in the Swamp!

dscn0668 The wildlife club became undergraduates at the University of Seychelles for a day when they were hosted by Terence Vel who lectures at the University as well as being Wildlife Club coordinator in Seychelles.  The group of young ecologists were appalled to see so much debris left in the surrounding mangroves at Anse Royale!  Something has to be done and members of the club planted manglier rouz seedlings and learned all about the seven species of mangrove in our country, the importance of maintaining mangrove swamps and the threats against their well being.  Time was spent in Terence’s laboratory where the children enjoying meeting young terrapin orphans and saw local killifish (gourzon) and a pickled chameleon!  Terence asked us to plant some mangroves which were ready for translocation and these will be planted at the Sanctuary, Nature Seychelles on Monday.