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‘The Beach is not a Bin!’

ISS participated in Clean up the World week and teamed up with Ocean Project, STIF and LMWA to put on Seychelles Biggest Beach Clean up . Students, teachers and parents of the school got together with locals of Baie Lazare to clean up Anse Gaulette just one of the beaches in this project.
59 adults and children worked tirelessly for over an hour removing a wide range of bottles, cans, plastic bags, tissues, burst balloons, bottle tops and broken glass from the beach crest and surroundings. Plastic bottles were sorted separately and everyone was horrified to see how much litter was polluting this beautiful beach. Plastic pollution is a massive problem in our oceans today and the participants were encouraged to say ‘No to Plastic’ whenever they can. Children who participated will receive certificates and we wish to thank the parents, teachers and children of ISS who joined in this tremendous effort as well others in our community who helped in the clean up of the other 24 beaches in Seychelles that were targeted on the 15th September. Let’s keep our beaches clean and stop single use plastic!