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Tree Planting Day 2020

I.S.S. students from all sections of the school marked the World Tree Planting day by a concerted effort to increase the tree population in the school grounds.

30 new trees have been added to the schools register as well as a future 20 mangrove saplings in the wetland. The Early Morning gardening club dug in a few papaya trees, Year 6 pupils took advantage of the low tide to sink some mangrove saplings that had been cultivated in grow bags in our nursery, Year 8 added new varieties including a Zapot and a Rainbush and Reception 1A planted an incredible 20 trees donated by parents of the class. R2A planted and danced round a Mulberry bush singing a predictable song “Here we go round the Mulberry bush”.

The Primary Wildlife club wound up the days’digging by adding a lime tree to our rapidly expanding garden – a gift from Stellas’ farm in Val D’en Dor. Many thanks to all the students and parents who supported this very important initiative.


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