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Wildlife Club and Eco club fundraising activities

Congratulations to the Primary Wildlife club for their efforts this week with the Bring and buy sale which raised 3500 SR for the School Garden developments Recycling their own toys, books and games and selling them to their friends made this a fun afternoon. We will use the money raised to buy equipment for the garden, seeds for our vegetable garden and to continue our good work with the mangrove nursery..
This event was closely followed by the Secondary Eco club’s Bake sale, Raffle, Slushi drinks and Pin the sun on the sunflower activities. All the students from the Eco club took part in this venture and the amount raised was 6000SR which is to be donated to the SSPCA to continue their good work with the dogs new outdoor exercise area
Congratulations to all the contributors of these successful events whether they were donors or buyers.



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