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Wildlife club visit Felicite Island

ISS Wildlife Club was excited to visit Felicite Island during the half term holiday. After a bumpy crossing to Praslin on Cat Coco we were taken by boat to Felicite Island where Steve Hill, the permaculturalist took us on a hike to show us the regenerating habitats. He explained that the planting of endemic trees and plants would encourage endemic wildlife to return to the island. The children were impressed to see how a resort can use the environment in an eco-friendly way. There is a desalination plant on the island and the children were shown how the island uses glass refillable bottles instead of plastic. The fruit trees planted on several hills were also impressive and tasty and the Wildlife Club vowed to help preserve our beautiful Seychelles environment for the future.
Oscar, the Marine Biologist on the island, spoke to us about turtles and the problem we all have with plastics in the oceans. We learnt that every piece of plastic that has ever been made since the 1900s is still around today! We all hope that Seychelles will continue its good work to Recycle, Reuse and Reduce.
Many thanks to Six Senses Zil Pasyon and their team for accommodating the ISS Wildlife Club and in particular to Steve and Oscar for the time they spent with our group. What an amazingly stunning place!

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