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World Theatre Day 2019

What a busy, exciting and creative day for our Junior and Senior students spent celebrating the theatre arts for World Theatre Day 2019!
All students who participate in weekly performing arts clubs with Ms Georgie at ISS, seized the opportunity today to work together on the stage at ICCS, in acting, singing and dancing disciplines.
The annul Performing Arts show is just around the corner so many students are working hard developing the skills required to shine in the spotlight when they perform on Wednesday 17th April 2019.

The goals of World Theatre Day, as with International Dance Day are:
• To promote the art form across the world.
• To make people aware of the value of the art form.
• To enable the dance and theatre communities to promote their work on a broad scale so that opinion leaders are aware of the value of these forms and support them.
• To enjoy the art form for its own sake.

Every year the Executive Council of ITI choses an outstanding theatre personality to write the message for World Theatre Day, which has been celebrated internationally every March 27th since 1962.
The author of the Message of World Theatre Day 2019 is: Carlos CELDRAN, Cuba
Please visit www.world-theatre-day.org for more information.

Thank you teachers for your assistance and support in this event.


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