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World Water Day March 22nd

World Water Day March 22nd

ISS celebrated World Water Day in 2021 by holding a competition during lockdown. Students were asked how they valued water. They could choose to write a story about how important water is to them or they could do a water bucket challenge – carrying a litre of water on their heads to show how difficult that is. Other students chose to design a water saving system for their home or garden and many students came up with some brilliant ideas for this. All pupils in all sections of the school were asked to draw a poster to show the importance of water in our lives.
The quality and creativity of our students and their families exhibited during this lockdown challenge in Seychelles was incredible. Some students learned new ways to save water in their homes while others were amazed to hear how their grandparents used to collect water using bamboo. Rainwater harvesting was a popular concept as was using up dirty water to water the plants instead of throwing it away.
Well done to everyone who took part in this competition – let’s hope that future generations in Seychelles continue to recognise the vital importance of water conservation and sensibly use this this essential resource.