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Writer Of The Month

Once again, the end of the month marked the Writer of the Month Awards for students making extra effort and progress in their writing during April. Certificates were awarded in the Junior assembly to the following students from Year 1 to 6:

Jessica Marengo, Class 1L
Axel Albert, Class 1M
Angelo Marzocchi, Class 2S
Leah Ah-Time, Class 2L
Slok Vithani, Class 3B
Haadiya Korumtollee, Class 3J
Tyrese Gontier, Class 4C
Ivan Eremeev, Class 4L
Jaedon Doku, Class 5M
Neive Haworth, Class 5N
Riya Pandya, Class 6E
Yannick Margueritte, Class 6M

Well done everyone. We are proud of the hard work and effort you all put in every day to become more accomplished writers.