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Global Vision International and ISS

Global Vision International is a marine conservation volunteer programme in Seychelles. Volunteers gain experience on coral reef restoration and recovery as well as other marine projects. ISS students from the primary section of ISS work with volunteers and GVI coordinators for a period of 5-6 weeks. Marine topics are linked to the science curriculum in school. This half term 6E […]

An invitation not to be refused!

On Tuesday 16th October, four special ISS students (Lola Green, Vanshika Parikh, Tyrell Servina, Estelle Bonnelame) and one delighted ISS teacher (Miss Sue Houghton, Head of Primary) were invited to attend a special opening ceremony where the guest of honour was none other than the President of Seychelles himself, Mr. Danny Faure. Of course we all said ‘Yes, please’! By […]

Paradise Revisited

Leaden skies and persistent rain on Mahe threatened Class 5’s trip to explore the environmental wonders of Silhouette island the third largest in Seychelles. Thankfully as the group gathered at Hilton’s jetty at Bel Ombre the view of Silhouette 12 miles to the west cleared and calm sea awaited us. On arrival the young explorers were briefed by ICS wardens […]

Offshore Eco- Education

A bright Wednesday morning at Bel Ombre and Class 5M excitedly boarded Hilton La Briz Hotels Silhouette Express for the 30 minute boat ride of 12 miles to the mystical island of Silhouette. Silhouette is Seychelles third largest island and home to many endemic flora and fauna. Francois and Said of the Island Conservation Society were waiting to welcome us […]