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Year 6B Outdoor Education lessons

Students in 6B learnt to classify and identify plants and trees in Seychelles. They looked carefully and made observations about what they saw. All of them enjoyed the hike up to the Port Launay waterfall and can now describe and recognise much of the local flora and fauna of the lower rainforests. The visit to the Biodiversity centre reinforced all […]

Holiday club Year 3-6

Dear Parents, Keeping your kids entertained during the December Holiday can be hard when you have a full time job, I know! Mr. Scott & Miss Melissa’s Festive Fun Club will provide them with hours of fun and encourage them to explore their creative side! Date: 14.12.20 – 18.12.20 Time: 8am – 12 noon OR 8am – 3.30 pm Venue: […]

SeyCCats Blue Grant fund for ISS Mangrove Regeneration Boardwalk Project

Susan Ansell ISS Environment leader has had her small grant application approved by the SeyCCat Blue Grant Committee. This is a project for regenerating the mangrove area by planting and growing mangroves with the help of the students. The project had already started 2 years ago thanks to ISPC who granted initial funding for our Mangrove platform. The new boardwalk […]