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World Water Day March 22nd

ISS celebrated World Water Day in 2021 by holding a competition during lockdown. Students were asked how they valued water. They could choose to write a story about how important water is to them or they could do a water bucket challenge – carrying a litre of water on their heads to show how difficult that is. Other students chose […]


Students, parents and teachers took part in the World Water Run. This run was organised internationally and parents could chose if they wanted to participate and how far they wanted to walk or run. The World Water Run was to show the world that we are united in valuing water and our different reasons why. The participants sent photographs to […]

World Wildlife day and World Book Day March 3rd 2021

World Wildlife day was celebrated on March 3rd and is an important global event dedicated to wildlife which is organised to raise awareness of the worlds wild fauna and flora. For 2021 the theme was “Forests and Livelihoods:sustaining people and planet”. During lockdown this year ISS wasn’t able to have its normal book parade in school where students often dressed […]