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National TSL Debate 2021 – Results

Students from ISS were commended for their performances in the National TSL debates. The judges named Betty Namukose as the Best Presenter in Primary and mentioned that she showed the qualities of an efficient researcher and presenter. Betty was also named in the individual commendations as a student with good understanding of the theme. Secondary student Vanshika Parikh was commended […]


A cool blustery morning greeted an intrepid bunch of Eco warriors. Their mission was to continue regenerating the Mont Fleuri wetland by planting mangrove seedlings which were grown in the nursery at school. Tidal conditions were perfect as was the cooler weather as it made the physical work easier. Steffie Ann Monthy our student Eco committee member represented the Secondary […]

TSL National Debates – 24th and 25th June 2021

Students from Primary and Secondary took part in the 2 days National Debates about Protecting Biodiversity. The topic was ‘Global Biodiversity is in crisis – what can we do to prevent the 6th Mass extinction.? The students worked with local schools to develop a shared vision for a sustainable future. The main debaters were students who had entered the TSL […]

TSL Primary and Secondary School International Debates 5th and 6th July 2021

On July 5th students from 80 countries around the world congregated online to debate the questions ‘What can we do to prevent the sixth mass extinction’ Representing different groups, Governments, Citizens, Businesses and Scientists the students shared their ideas and asked each other questions. They came up with the top 40 ideas. Renewable energy, improving environmental education and forming partnerships […]