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Most Improved Readers Award

To celebrate our activities in World Book Day 2016 the Primary school have chosen 2 pupils from each class to receive a special certificate in assembly for their efforts with reading this year. We are pleased and proud to announce that the following children have been selected to receive The Most Improved Readers Award!

Well done to:

R1V: Aurelie Bandara/ Hari Patel
R1J: Owen Rowlands/ Nelis Opperman
R2R: Paige Felton/ ChaceDevoud
R2S: Samarveer Khati/Diandra Laporte
1M: Alisa Pepelina/ Adam Delport
1L: Nathan Kolodziel/Hailey Pouponneau
2L: Doyoung Lee/ Uliana Ershova
2S: Elyssa Ernesta Charmaine Katesande
3J: Zoe Kinder/Victor Solstad
3B: Edel Solstad/ Tristan Van Kerkhove
4L: Anniesa Malbrook/Jaedon Doku
4K: Nathan Julie/Priyanshi Bhuva
5M: Daniel Albert/Iman Almagrahi
5N: Fabrice Bouelle/ Riya Pandya
6M: Chloe Laporte/Dean Monthy
6E: Ali Labonte/ Vidhya Pillay