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World Book Day & Wildlife Day Success for Sousouri Bannann

IMG_4566The whole of ISS Primary school got dressed up as animal characters for a fabulous, well attended parade last week. Every child helped decorate the playground with animal bunting, posters and displays and all classes loved parading and dancing in their wonderful costumes. Parents then joined classes to share stories together and many families made generous book donations to help replenish the EC library. Even the local TV crew (SBC news) came along to film our celebrations!


Prior to the actual parade EC children enthusiastically joined in a special Batty Assembly led by Eco Superhero and Head of ISS Wildlife Club Sue Ansell.

Children learnt all about Seychelles’ special bat species, the Seychelles Flying Fox and the Seychelles Sheath-tailed Bat. Year 6 students also learnt more about bats including how and why we should help to protect and conserve them.


The PTA donated the proceeds of their wildlife themed bake sale to conservation efforts for the endemic Seychelles Sheath-tailed Bat Sousouri Bannann. It is now the rarest bat in the world and is critically endangered. Over SR5,500 was raised which has now bought a Bat Echolocation Detector, which will help to locate, monitor and better understand and protect these unique bats and their habitat.