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Tuck Shop Arrangements for End of Term

Dear Parents,

The school holidays are fast approaching, we would like to inform all the parents that who has credit facilities with us that invoices of the tuck shop will be issued to your children on the Monday 29th of June.

We would appreciate if all payments were done by Tuesday the 30th of June .

Please note that from the 1st of July till the 10th of July when the school closes we shall not be giving credit, due to that fact that when the school goes on holidays we are always having difficulty of getting paid, there are parents that even pays us on the opening term, unfortunately we cannot entertain that anymore as we need the funds to able to keep the tuck shop running.

In September when the school reopens the credit facilities will be available.

Thanking you for your understanding

Kind regards
Mrs Marzocchi
ISS tuck shop