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Stars Of The Week

The eight Junior stars of this week were nominated for excellence in Maths, science, writing, improvement in studies and for having been a great student in class. The eight young stars reminded the Principal to embrace life with child-like awe and wonderment.  Their excited faces and smiles warmed the heart as they recounted their action packed weekends of outdoor explorations, science experiments, sports and […]

D of E First Aid Training

Last weekend, as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, students from ISS began their First Aid training which will help them in gaining their award and also give them a valuable life skill.  The course covers key lifesaving techniques and gives participants the opportunity learn about the more common medical conditions and outlines the appropriate treatment for adults, children and […]

Teacher Together Time! 

Primary teachers had the opportunity to engage in a professional development workshop to learn more about recent changes to the  UK (English) curriculum we’re using at  school.   Joyce Hallam, a long standing head teacher from Cumbria, England, joined us earlier this month to share her insight on key areas of change and update.  Her workshop was an interesting and informative opportunity […]

Staff Choir Aim To Sing To Victory

Earlier this term the newly formed ISS Staff Choir, under the musical direction of Mr Chitambo, received a challenge to help serve the community by taking part in the “Sing For Charity” national competition run by SBC. The first round consisted of 25 choirs with the top 10 going on to compete in final. The Staff Choir did a fantastic […]