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Amazing Amphibians visit Wildlife Club

Rachel Bristol, renowned conservationist, kindly visited the Junior Wildlife club with some rare specimens of the Seychelles Caecilian last week. These secretive slithery things live normally underground in moist soil and we great fun watching them burrowing and swimming. Now we will be on the look out for them!

Stars of The Week

Our teachers show keen awareness of their students’ circumstances and continue to applaud the efforts they make to better themselves. Our stars of the week have been recognised for successful time at the school, positive change in behaviour, as well as showing improvement through effort and enthusiasm. Well done teachers, well done stars of the week.

ISS Choir Festival Concert

ISS would like to invite everyone to our first Choir Festival Concert.   This is a new school event which aims to involve students, staff and the wider community in coming together to hear some of the country’s fantastic choirs.       We invite you to come along to watch and listen as organisations and school choirs share the stage […]