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Stars of The Week

This week’s stars of the week joined with last week’s group to celebrate their achievements with the Principal.  Students continue to show great improvement in their attitude to learning as well as behaviour.  As a school great emphasis is placed on putting in effort, enjoying the learning process and showing respect for self and others.  As the school was also […]

IELTS Testing at ISS

The INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL SEYCHELLES (ISS) in collaboration with the BRITISH COUNCIL MAURITIUS will be running an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Academic and General Training test session in the Seychelles at the seat of ISS. Date: Saturday 8th April 2017 Fees: US $ 300 (payable in Seychelles Rupees at the rate of 4200 SCR) For more information, Please contact […]

Expedition Aride

Intrepid ISS Wildlife Club sailed the high sea to the furthest North of the granitic islands. En route we spotted rays, sailfish and many dolphin! Aride is a paradise for nature lovers and is home to much of our rare endemic flora and fauna. The adventurers were guided by ranger Juan who pointed out the islands’ treasures which include Seychelles […]

Year 2 visit the Airport Fire Station

Year 2 pupils enjoyed an exciting visit to the airport fire station.  They were delighted to see 2 brand new fire engines and we were so lucky to witness a fire drill.  The firemen dressed rapidly and sped off in their fire engines in 41 seconds!  Wow quite a feat! All the children and parents who came along were invited […]