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Beat Plastic Pollution

Inspired by this years UN Environments incentive to beat plastic pollution worldwide, International school’s Reception 2 classes (like many other children across the globe) donned their gloves, grabbed their litter pickers and headed out determined to ‘clean up the world’!

In just over 90 minutes our eager 4/5 year olds collected over 20 Kilograms of rubbish – that’s the same weight as 167 plantain bananas did you know! This included glass bottles, takeaway boxes, shoes, food wrappers, plastic bags and hundreds of bottle tops! We spent the rest of our World Environment Day 2018 educating ourselves about the importance of recycling and the damage rubbish and pollution has on animals, environments and humans.

Well done Reception 2. Keep up the good work by recycling the rubbish and pollution in your local community and it’s beaches.