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Canine Concerns

Following this weeks successful Bring and Buy sale at the ISS, the Wildlife club visited SSPCA (Seychelles Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), at their new headquarters (Phase 1) at the reclaimed land north of the airport. Dr. Maria, the resident vet welcomed the children and parents present and detailed the aims and objectives and hopes for the future. The centre houses many dogs and puppies, some cats and kittens and even an injured baby giant tortoise the size of a child’s hand!
Our potential vets-to-be in the Wildlife Club were delighted to meet the centre’s residents and our morning visit resulted in 2 of the dogs being
rehomed. In the near future there will be a website with details of all abandoned animals and facilitating them to a loving home. Our fundraising
total was 6225 SCR and this was welcomed to help purchase medication and food for all the needy orphans. Many thanks to all who participated.
Anyone who wishes to help further should contact SSPCA at 2710088