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Earth Day 2021

Earth Day 2021

Students of ISS celebrated Earth Day this year by participating in a number of Green challenges. The theme this year was how can we restore the earth and around the world citizens came together to protect, plant and speak up for their environment. Many students chose to bring a plant to school or to plant something at home and their efforts go a long way to help restore the earth. Other students elected to design a logo or a poster for Earth day. The posters illustrated the little things everyone can do to help save the planet and the logos and pledges all he helped to keep this most important initiative to the fore.

It was clear from the Bingo challenge that many families at ISS already practise Reduce Reuse and Recycle as some Bingo forms were returned fully completed. Congratulations to everyone involved in these Earth Day Challenges all these actions will help to restore the earth. We are very proud of our young Environmentalists.