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Examination Success!

Though many are spread around the world at the moment, students from International School Seychelles (ISS) have been celebrating their results in the May/June IGCSE and Advanced Level examinations.

In particular, Alexei Balabanov, Aashaka Parikh and Venuri De Silva each
achieved A* or A grades in all of their A-Levels and Upeksha Hettiarachchi, Yannick Bargain, Natacha Roberts all gained at least two A*/As and a B.

Five Year 12 students, headed by Aurelie Fanchette, were each awarded four A and B AS grades, which they will build on to the full A-Levels in the coming year.

From Year 11, there were outstanding successes, too, notably from Arnaud Michel and Harsha Rayudu who were each awarded A* or A grades for all of their 9 IGCSEs (as well as each gaining an A grade in AS Business Studies), with another half-dozen getting 9 A*-C passes. Click >> to read more…

This year, more than a quarter of the A-Level grades achieved by the 22 final year students in the Sixth Form at ISS were A* or A grades, which was above the worldwide average, and these grades have set the students up for entry into top university courses around the world, in fields such as engineering, law, architecture, physiotherapy, business management and animal welfare.

Among the Year 11 students, most of whom will start their A-Level studies when the new school year starts at ISS at the beginning of September, 43% of all of the IGCSE exams taken achieved A* or A grades.

Head teacher Karl Wilkinson praised the hard work of the students and the commitment and support of their teachers and parents and added that “as well as the outstanding successes of our top students, there have also been huge achievements by a number of other students, some of whom have overcome great personal or educational challenges to gain the grades they did”.

“We are an inclusive school, with students coming from a very wide array of backgrounds, nationalities and languages, and for some to gain even a few IGCSE passes is as much a cause to celebrate as for others gaining three or four A-grade A-Levels. All of our students have succeeded – academically and socially – and, regardless of the grades on their certificates, all of them will move on to the next stage of their lives as outstanding young men and women who are a credit to ISS and to Seychelles,” Mr Wilkinson added.