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International School Junior Wildlife club

The  Wildlife club has been active as usual this half term.  The children chose what they wanted to investigate and in the last few sessions we have encountered both living and deceased creatures.  We have been looking at endemic wildlife and were happy to have a praying mantis visit us at school last week.  She entertained the group by performing  happily in the classroom.  She left us with an egg sac which was hope will hatch.











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For Pet week in Seychelles we were lucky enough to have 3 gorgeous puppies for the afternoon.  We learnt how to take care of our pets and all about the work of the SSPCA and Pet Haven who work tirelessly to save and protect  homeless and stray animals. We have been investigating our school environment and in the grounds found bugs and ants which we could look at closely.  Tristan Mondon bought in a live giant centipede for us to study. The club also made a visit to Roche Caiman to look at the waders there and learn a little about bird spotting.