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ISS claim first prize in Inter-school Robot building and programming competition.

As part of celebrations to mark International Girls in ICT Day on Friday 26th April, a team of 4 girls represented ISS at the Inter-school Robot and Programming challenge held at Beau Vallon secondary school on Friday 26th April.


Year 9 students Estelle Houareau and Tyrell Servina with Year 10 students Heemani Patel and Steffie-Ann Monthy competed in a full day of competition






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A total of 6 secondary schools where competing on the day.
The ISS team got off to a tremendous start, building the robot in record time. Smashing the previous best time set by independent school the previous day.



” Steffie-Ann and Heemani get busy assembling the robot. All four girls impressed through-out showing excellent team work. ”









” Estelle points out a problem. Which was quickly fixed.







” The girls proudly present their working robot having the built it in record time.




The excellent performance by the girls continued into the afternoon session. Another record time was set for completing the first programming challenge, which saw the girls program the robot to follow a line. The competition was completed and first prize was wrapped up when the girls received extra marks for developing their program to follow a more complex line.



” The ISS team ‘Get with the program’ and manage to develop a unique algorithm to program their robot to follow a line ”





The ISS team happily receive their prizes for coming first. Which included a fantastic tablet computer.



” From right to left – Beryl Payet (Competition Organizer), Dave Scales (Computer Science Teacher) and team members Steffie-Ann Monthy, Tyrell Servina, Estelle Houareau and Heemani Patel ”





” The 1st place Trophy. In addition all four girls received prizes which included a tablet computer and computer science books. “