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ISS Student – Cambridge Acceptance

The International School Seychelles is delighted to discover that our Head Boy, Jovan Varsani, has been offered a place at the world-leading University of Cambridge Pembroke College, to study Civil Engineering. In 2019, this course received a total of 2092 applications, yielding a total of 379 offers [1]. Cambridge is widely considered to be the best university in the UK to study this highly valuable discipline [2].

Having placed significant resources into helping our students reach the most ambitious destinations available to them, International School Seychelles is thrilled at seeing Jovan’s hard work pay off.

Along with another of our most gifted students, Jovan completed the entire Mathematics A-Level in one year, achieving an A*. He will now go on to be one of the first students in ISS to sit Further Mathematics alongside his other A-Levels.

Before flying to chilly England to face Cambridge’s famously rigorous selection process, Jovan meticulously researched the university and sat a series of practice interviews with Mr Brown (Head of Sixth Form) and Ms Woolfenden (Head of Secondary).

In response to this great honour, Jovan has said ‘the key to all of this has been an acknowledgement of all the hard work needed to have a strong application. I feel confident that any of our future students who are willing to put in the hours are just as likely to gain access to their ideal universities. I am also really grateful to the maths department for allowing me to study an accelerated course and the sixth form team for supporting my application.’

The Head of Sixth Form, Mr Brown, has said ‘since I joined the school in 2016, we have seen a consistent growth in the number of our students joining aspirational destinations around the world. Like all of our students, Jovan has benefitted from working with a specialist educational team of teachers and support staff who continue to push ourselves and our students to greater levels of success.’

‘Jovan is one of many driven, humble and ambitious young people who we know will go on to achieve great things. I think what makes people like Jovan such excellent university candidates is that he is always pushing himself intellectually and personally. It is no surpsise to any of his teachers that he has offers from Bath, Imperial College, Bristol and Southampton as well.’

‘2020 is shaping up to be another wonderful year for the sixth form. Now we all need to get on with the serious business of getting the grades needed to make good on our university offers.’

[1] https://www.undergraduate.study.cam.ac.uk/apply/statistics
[2] https://www.thecompleteuniversityguide.co.uk/league-tables/rankings/civil-engineering