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Library Poetry to celebrate International School Library Day

To celebrate International School Library Day, which is celebrated around the world on 14th October, students participated in a poetry writing competition. There were many creative poems entered by students from Year 3 to 6 and each year group saw a bronze, silver and gold certificate winner which was presented by school librarian, Miss Joyla, in assembly. Well done to everyone who got involved and of course to the winners! Poems will be displayed in the school library for everyone to enjoy.

Year 3 Bronze – Selvesh Senthil

Year 3 Silver – Gaurika Argawal &  Tristan Didon

Year 3 Gold – Rayyan Naveed

Year 4 Bronze – Yan Luc Morel

Year 4 Silver – Elissa Vel

Year 4 Gold – Isabelle Cosh

Year 5 Bronze – Kara Delport

Year 5 Silver – Paris Saunders Celeste

Year 5 Gold – Shalini Raja

Year 6 Bronze – Anaiis MacGaw

Year 6 Silver – Tiya Patel

Year 6 Gold –  Warren Felton

And also a very big thank you to the 5 children from Miss Mary‘s class Year 1M who tried to take up the challenge to write the Poems about the library. Well done for the effort.

And out of the 5 little poets we got 3 winners who did put in the most effort:

Congratulations to:

1 st Place – Thanuwana Serasinghe

2 nd Place – Jessica Cosh

3 rd Place – Aleana Stravens