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National Speech Competition Winners!

We have the great pleasure of announcing that the team of Fedor Soloviev, Estelle Bonnelame and Catarina Holst accompanied by Anastasia Pantazopolous achieved first place today in a hotly contested National Speech Competition today. There were 17 teams who entered the competition and today they came 1st.

They were interviewed afterwards, in shock, by SBC and will feature in national newspapers. They will receive their prizes on 3 July in a formal ceremony along with Praslin School who received 1st Place for the 16-19 age range.

Miss Boughey is one very happy and emotional teacher – it hasn’t sunk in just yet with any of them.

It was great to see parents and staff there to support them – and once again thanks go to Mrs Pillay for pushing the team to enter as well as Miss Yolandi, Miss Warren and Mrs Fock-Tave for working with them to polish their performance.

Well done team!