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Outstanding Achievement by Heemani Patel

Dear all

I take pride in informing you all that one of our students of Year 12 Ms Heemani Patel has secured 2nd Global Ranking in the International Life-Skills Olympiad 2019.

This was the first year we had our students registered for ILSO. 58 students registered under 4 different categories for ILSO from ISS. A Global 2nd ranking is definitely an outstanding achievement. She will be receiving an Apple iPad as the prize.

The message below is from ILSO

Dear Heemani Patel,

Congratulations on achieving the prestigious Global 2nd position and becoming the first runner-up in Group 4 of International Life Skills Olympiad 2019. This is the official award notification mail with the necessary details for claiming your award.

As the global second position holder in Group 4 of ILSO 2019, you have qualified to receive a brand new Apple iPad as a prize.

Congratulation Heemani! Well done!!!

Ashish Bhatnagar