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Paradise Revisited

Leaden skies and persistent rain on Mahe threatened Class 5’s trip to explore the environmental wonders of Silhouette island the third largest in Seychelles. Thankfully as the group gathered at Hilton’s jetty at Bel Ombre the view of Silhouette 12 miles to the west cleared and calm sea awaited us. On arrival the young explorers were briefed by ICS wardens Tisha and Said about the endemic flora and fauna they would be seeing on the hike through the lowland forest. As the sun eventually broke through the trek to Anse Lascars and back was hugely enjoyed and many souvenir photos were taken. Lunch at Gran Kaz was followed by a sandcastle competition, spotting of a huge sting ray and a rare pacific golden plover. The day culminated in a guided tour of the village on La Passe and a walk through La Briz Hilton hotel to see the great milk fish in the lagoon. A roller coaster voyage on Silhouette Express soon had the happy adventurers back safely at Bel Ombre. Many thanks to Hilton and I.C.S. for a fabulous day away.