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Printhouse Tour for Pupils

Following on from our World Book Day celebrations a select group of pupils from the Juniors and Seniors had a fantastic school outing to Printhouse this week. Two pupils from each Junior class were selected for showing excellence in improvement/engagement in reading as well as two seniors who contributed towards Book Day activities. All were taken out as a treat and received a full tour around Printhouse, a local printing company based at Providence.

They received a very warm welcome from all staff and saw everything from the graphic design programmes, printing plates, newspapers in print, brochures being trimmed down to size and newsletters being compiled. Pupils were eager to learn and asked many questions about where paper is imported from and where left over pieces are re-used and recycled.

Pupils also received a personalised notebook and other stationary to remember their visit. A massive thanks goes to all staff who accommodated pupils. We all had a great,

memorable time !

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