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Pupils get prizes for Christmas poetry

img_9608Many students from Year 1 to 6 entered this years Christmas poetry competition and this week the entries were reviewed and winners were selected. Mr Edd and Miss Beki selected 3 winners from each year group to receive a certificate in assembly and the entries will soon be displayed for everyone to enjoy.

Well done to the everyone who entered the competition and congratulations to our winners!
Year 1
1st – Tahynuwana Serasinge
2nd – Axel Albert
3rd – Jessica Cosh
Year 2
1st – Tigist Kidwell
2nd – Phoebe Amelie
3rd – Timmy Adams
Year 3
1st – Gleb Zhuravlev
2nd – Slok Vithani
3rd – Maitreyi KeraiYear 4
1st – Karine Savy
2nd – Jasmine Bibi
3rd – Isabelle Cosh

Year 5
1st – Sophie Ellenberger
2nd – Vishal Sathish
3rd – Ripley Morris

Year 6
1st – Thandie Jordan
2nd – Tajasvi Kerai
3rd – Rishy Vijayabaskaran