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Rehab Revisited

Following 4L’s frolics in the south of the island the rest of year 4 were avidly anticipating a similar experience and 4C arrived at the Banyan tree Animal Rehabilitation Centre to find that the previous patients in the terrapin jacuzzis had a new lease of life and now had access to a land, pond and river system thanks to a new design by Max one of the MCSS conservationists. He regaled us with stories about the terrapins bold bid for freedom which happened before an overhanging ledge was built to contain them. Both ex patients seem happy in their new pond and took the students a while to spot!
Another new addition to the centre was many tons of sand in the Aldabra tortoise enclosure which hopefully will encourage the females to lay eggs. After a tour of the wetlands with Megan Dine we went onwards to Grand Police where recent turtle emergence were evident but unfortunately once again no actual nesting turtle was observed – it’s all about timing really! However, some of the children were lucky to spot a brief glimpse of a rare purple heron, an annual visitor and a yellow bittern. Thanks again to Banyan tree and MCSS and Vanessa Dido for another successful field trip to the least spoilt coastal and mangrove area in Mahe.

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