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Spiny lobster and coral restoration workshops

ISS students joined Takamaka school for workshops organised by the Anse Forbans community group and MCSS. These took place during the holidays thanks to the Hilton Doubletree hotel. The participants learnt that because of the coral bleaching attempts are being made to grow coral both in tanks and on rope structures under the sea. The students were shown how to clean and plant the coral and as this season is already proving deadly for the existing corals we all hope that this can help replace some of the coral that is dying in the oceans around Mahe. Spiny lobsters are also in danger and there has been enforced a closed season for lobster collecting for 3 years. Students were told that until the lobsters reach a certain size it is not permitted to fish them. MCSS hopes that by sensitizing young people about these issues a healthy future for these species can be guaranteed in our waters

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