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Turtle Monitoring Adventure

The wildlife clubs’ dream was fulfilled when they set out with Vanessa Delorie  researcher of MCSS fame  in perhaps the vain pursuit of finding a nesting turtle in the south of Mahe.  However, the tides were in our favour and on the second beach we investigated we were delighted to find a turtle at the start of its nesting ordeal.  Despite having come across a sea wall on leaving the sea, she persevered and flippered north for 100 meters before crossing the dirt track road and making a nest in the sandy bank next to the wetland.  As the site was shaded by badamyer and casuarina trees we were able to watch quietly and in comfort while she dug her nest and laid successfully. The whole process was over in about an hour and a half and we were delighted to watch her take a more direct route down the beach to return safely to the sea.  Our budding naturalists were able to photograph the process (no flashes used) and learned much from the experience and Vanessa’s informative advice. Thanks also to Mrs Haworth at Anse Forbans Chalets for showing us one of her protected nest sites and allowing us to rendezvous there.
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