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World Wetland Day February 2nd 2019

Students in ISS from the Primary Wildlife clubs took part in a clean- up of our local wetland area. The old gate was opened to reveal some very amazing mangrove plants and trees where we collected manglier rouz seeds to replant in our nurseries. The eco warriors collected 4 bags of rubbish from the area and we are sure that the many animals and birds in this habitat will appreciate our efforts. We were then proud to plant out into the mangrove some of our red mangrove seedlings which are grown in the nursery in recycled water containers, as well as in the mangrove swamp in specially designed trays packed with mud and seeds. Both methods have proved to be successful and further planting should restore our local mangrove area. Work has commenced already on our mangrove platform so do please come and visit the garden area and explore a little. So far so good!

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