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World Theatre Day 2019

What a busy, exciting and creative day for our Junior and Senior students spent celebrating the theatre arts for World Theatre Day 2019! All students who participate in weekly performing arts clubs with Ms Georgie at ISS, seized the opportunity today to work together on the stage at ICCS, in acting, singing and dancing disciplines. The annul Performing Arts show […]

Penlac Ceremony

Tuesday 26th March Richard Pitman, Head of KS4&KS5 Art&Design, Amanda Amade in Year 11, Shamara Adams in Year 7 along with Angie Geehan from the Arterial Network Seychelles, attended a press ceremony at Penlac today to say thank you to Mr A Gafoor Yakub, Chief Executive Officer of Penlac and his staff for the kind donation of paints. Students at […]

Big Draw at Eden Art Space

On Saturday 23rd March a group of students from ISS and their art teachers, participated in a, ‘Big Draw’ event at the Eden Art Space sponsored by Arterial Network Seychelles (ANS). This year’s ‘Big Draw’ theme was, ‘Games’ and it was decided to create a giant Snakes and Ladders game board with famous historical and political characters climbing the ladders […]

ISS Art Show 2019

The 2nd annual ISS Art Show opened yesterday at the Eden Art Space Gallery, Eden Island showcasing the artistic talent of students from Reception through Primary, Secondary, to IGCSE and A Level. The gallery run by the Arterial Network Seychelles an NGO for local artists, once again hosted the event and the show started with a number of speeches by […]