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Clean up the World week 2019 – planting mangroves

International school students joined with teachers to plant some new mangroves in the wetlands in front of the school. These wetlands play an important role in protecting the coastline as well as trapping sediment and pollutants that would otherwise flow out to sea. All ecosystems are linked and the survival of one depends on the other. Mangroves, seagrass beds and […]

Peace Walk for Climate Action 21st September

ISS staff, parents and students joined local schools, eco clubs and NGOs on both North and South Peace walks for World International Peace Day. Saturday 21st September the International Day of Peace coincided with global demonstrations of a similar nature from Svalbard in the Arctic Circle to Antipodean islands in the Southern oceans. Placards with slogans designed by the students […]

“The International Student”

The Sixth Form Students have been busy putting together the first issue of ‘The International Student’, a new newspaper showcasing the talents and interests of the ISS Sixth Form. We are delighted with the quality of the writing the students have produced and look forward to reading many issues to come. Work has already begun on the next issue – […]

Welcome Back!

A very warm welcome to all of our new families and children at ISS Primary, and a loud and enthusiastic ‘Welcome Back!’ to everyone else! We have had a great first day, full of opportunities to meet new friends and teachers as well as renew old acquaintances, and the whole atmosphere around school has been very positive and cheerful. So […]