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Trust for Sustainable Living Ceremony 10th September 2021

6 students from ISS were honoured at the Trust for Sustainable Living Prize giving ceremony on 10th September at the SITE auditorium. First mentioned were the students who won the TSL Essay competition. This was a World Wide competition with 59 countries involved and successful essays meant that the students were invited to take part in a TSL International debate. […]

ISS Students take part in Local Conference of Youth on Climate Change (LCOY)

This local conference which took part during the school holidays 26th – 28th August was to enable the youth to learn about new developments, challenges and solutions associated with the climate crisis. Climate experts and guest speakers shared their knowledge with the students and Terron Dang Kowe, Vanshika Parikh, Srimugan Sankar and Yan Luc Morel signed up to attend the […]