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Bebras International Challenge (2019)






Bebras International Challenge (2019)
Congratulations to all 192 ISS students who took part in this online event, especially to the top performers in ISS, as follows:
Year 7
1st Joshua Allcorn
2nd Ivan Eremeev
3rd Orlando Marzocchi

Years 8 and 9
1st Mahatehotia Randrianarison
2nd Sienna Goldstein
3rd Zia Adam

Years 10 and 11
1st Jierui Ni
2nd Farhaan Muslun
3rd Yohaan Rizvi

Years 12 and 13
1st Toshani Khanna
2nd Ayush Rai
3rd Yohan Fu

Josh and Mahatehotia were in the top 10% for their respective age groups, and have been formally invited to participate in the 2020 Oxford Computing Challenge. We wish them the best of luck in this.