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Seychelles Ocean Festival – Prizewinners 2019

International School Seychelles were very proud to have 5 prizewinners in this years Seychelles Ocean Festival. ISS students submitted entries in all the categories and we were very pleased to win the Best Secondary school award. Entries from secondary students included essays and art work these will be displayed in the school after the holidays.

Prizes were given in the art category to ….

Haadiya Korumtollee 1st Prize

Joshua Allcorn 2nd prize

Menmozhi Sasikumar 1st Prize

For essay writing prizes went to ….

Vanshika Parikh

Ashvin Valabjhi

Well done to everyone who participated in this competition – there were many amazing entries in all categories.

Further thanks to the ISS Ocean festival Singers Leah and Brooke from ISS who were invited to sing during the prize giving ceremony. Thank you to Georgie Nicholls for organizing this performance.



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